AIC is a wireless technology company building commercial and industrial products to meet the demand for smarter buildings and cities. Using 6LoWPAN as a starting platform, AIC is committed to providing an open platform that provides industry leading security for the control networks. AIC’s products are designed to go beyond lighting applications and are used to monitor and control a broad range of connected devices including HVAC, sub-meters and other edge devices in the network.

One of the many advantages in partnering with AIC is our wireless integration with Building Automation Networks and the Tridium Niagara® Framework. ESCO’s and Integrators use our products with very little additional training to increase their value on the project. It is these integrator partners and VARS that provide the local integration and post installation service that differentiate AIC from the rest of the wireless providers.

AIC is now offering OEM products and services to manufactures looking to expand their product offering using the IoT technologies.